Mortimers range of international property investments


From USD 250,000 property investment in Turkey 

Full Citizenship with Permanent residence status to live and work in Turkey.

Dual citizenship allowed.

The applicant must hold the investment for a minimum of 3 years.

Processing time 2-3 months.


From EUR 300,000 real estate (Golden Visa Option)

European citizenship/passport for family within 6 months

No requirement to live in Cyprus

Free movement within Europe and UK using Cyprus passport (ID)

Processing time: 3-5 months


From EUR 280,000 property purchase in Portugal (home, apartment, villa)

Qualifies for permanent residency in the EU

Free movement in the Schengen zone

No requirement to live in Portugal

Citizenship after 6 years of uninterrupted living

Very popular golden visa program, 5 year Permanent Residency 

Processing time: 4-6 months


EUR 500,000 property purchase in Spain (home, apartment, villa)

Permanent residency in the EU

Free movement in the Schengen zone.

No requirement to live in Spain.

Citizenship after 10 years of uninterrupted living in Spain (non-EU)

In order to keep and renew your residence permit, you will need to ensure that you maintain your investments. If your main objective is to obtain permanent residency in Spain, once obtained, you can release your investments.

Processing time: 3 months


EUR 250,000 property investment in Greece

Permanent residency in Europe

Free movement in Schengen zone

No requirement to live in Greece

Processing time is 6 months

Greek citizenship after 7 years of uninterrupted living


North Cyprus


International Investments

An additional passport by real-estate investment can result in lucrative returns

Even if it is not your intention to relocate, acquiring an additional passport by real-estate investment gives you and your family:

1- Personal security in times of economic and political instability, 

2- In some real-estate deals an assured rental income for up to 5 years, 

3- Advantage of stable value of some international real-estate markets  

If you do not wish to relocate, you can choose a citizenship-by-investment program with a low or no physical residency requirement. A Residency-by-investment in real estate is a granted permanent residency to investors after making an investment into the country. Residency is usually granted first, and later citizenship can be obtained so long as the correct requirements are fulfilled.

 The acquisition of real estate abroad is an important component in residence and citizenship planning. However, it requires careful and professional attention. Wealthy individuals and families can enjoy considerable advantages, asset protection, and tax savings by intelligently structuring their international acquisition and holding of real estate. Mortimers International has access to a unique, worldwide network of specialist lawyers, tax consultants, investment advisors, and other professionals who are experts in their fields.


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