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Whether you’re buying your first home, first Buy-to-Let property, wish to move house, expanding your portfolio or wish to refinance your existing properties, we’re here to help you. Our full product range available is for buyers in the UK, abroad or expats – if you need any help or advice please contact Darren.

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Buy to Let Mortgages

Buy to let Mortgages allow the borrower a first charge loan using an investment residential property as security. The buy to let mortgage is set-up so that the property is tenanted out and the mortgage payments are covered by the rent generated by the tenant within the security. A buy to let mortgage provider will lend to a set percentage of the purchase price of the property and this is generally at the top end (Loan to Value) of alternate forms of finance – as of late 2011 the highest LTV available is 75-80% 

Our friendly team of experienced Mortgage Advisers are here to help you expand your portfolio and quickly assess all the available funding options !

“Before applying for a mortgage, and often before making an offer on a property, you’ll need a Decision in Principle (DIP). This is also known as an Agreement in Principle (AIP) or a Lending Certificate. It confirms that lenders would be prepared to lend to you. Getting a DIP involves a credit check, and getting numerous credit checks can adversely affect your credit score. So if you’d like to know how much funding you could receive, Contact Darren Now”

At Mortimers International, we work with you to find you your dream property and make a great investment!

Home Purchasing Plan (HPP) or Buy-to-Let Purchase Plan (BTLPP)

HPPs and BTLPP are currently only available from a few sharia-compliant providers, but the products are growing in popularity among both Muslim and non-Muslim investors looking for a competitive, yet ethical, way to buy a house and an ethical alternative to a conventional buy-to-let mortgage. A HPP and BTLPP is a sharia-compliant product which is often referred to as an Islamic mortgage, but this term is misleading. While the outcome is the same — in that an HPP or BTLPP and a traditional mortgage result in the customer owning the property — there are a number of important differences.



Re-Mortgaging can be great for many circumstances; whether you’re after adapting your existing home, need to raise money, consolidate debts, get a better interest rate, change to a fixed term to stabilise your outgoings, or you simply just need to save money.

Our friendly team of experienced Mortgage Advisers are here to help!

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