Mortimers International

Mortimers International is a real-estate investment consultancy firm specialized in offering real-estate investment opportunities & advisory worldwide

Mortimers International

Founded in 2001 in Milton Keynes and equipped with a well experienced team of Real Estate professionals, the company has become a dominant regional player in Buckinghamshire, Northamptonshire and Oxfordshire providing our investors with high income producing real-estate investments, real-estate based residency and citizenship programs, real-estate development consulting, deal sourcing, valuation, financial due diligence & financial solutions.

For many years we provided honest and ethical investment opportunities for small and large investors with access to heavily discounted investment opportunities. Our aim is to offer practical solutions and links to our trusted network to create competitive returns and help our clients make well informed real-estate decisions and realise financial goals.



Residential Properties available from £65k


Assured Returns

Assured Returns Up to 10% Net

Immediate Returns

Start getting immediate returns

How Does It Work?


Step 1: We Locate

Mortimers International is your one stop shop for all your real estate investment needs. We understand your UK or International real estate requirements then locate the best real-estate deals, negotiate the purchase price,  financing, and present you with your real-estate investment options

Step 2: You Invest

The most effective way to invest, is by direct ownership. Our investors directly own the property. Whether it's an apartment, house, land or a commercial property. The standard purchase process is a payment of a reservation fee, followed by a payment (10-25%) on exchange of contract through a conveyancing solicitor less the reservation fee, and remaining (80-75%) amount on completion. We only assist investors who can invest from £50,000 or more. If you already own an income generating asset, contact our private financial services team.  

Step 3: You Get Paid

Our real estate investment options generate assured 8 - 10% rental return payments from creditworthy developers from a minimum of 2 years to some real estate opportunities for up to 10 years assured rental income.  .

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Mortimers International


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